21 Thoughts that go through your head while watching Teen Mom 2

16 PregnantA few years back, MTV aired a show called 16 and Pregnant in an effort to prevent teen pregnancy.  Each week, a different girl was featured, and we were invited to watch her journey through teen pregnancy, giving birth, and then a week or 2 after her child was born.

After the show got high reviews, MTV made a spinoff called Teen Mom.  This show featured 4 teens from 16 and Pregnant.  Each week we saw each of the teens struggle as a teen mother. Continue reading

Ocean City MD vs Rehoboth Beach

Its nice to be able to go to the beach and spend some time outside for a few weekends over the summer.  Living in Baltimore, its fairly easy to get to the east coast beaches.  Ocean City and Rehoboth (in Delaware) are two popular beaches to visit for the weekends.  Some people also travel north to one of the beaches on the Jersey shore.

But all beaches are not the same.

Ocean City, MD

Ocean City, MD

There are a variety things people can do at the beach, and each beach is better for different things. Continue reading


Not so easy at home workout

Although joining a gym is a smart move once you enter your twenties, it can also be very expensive.  With your entry level job, you probably don’t have much money to just throw at a gym.

Working out at home is ideal for your bank account.  However, you probably have no motivation to workout at home.  How do you even workout at home?  What kind of workouts do you do without a machine?  How effective is working out at home?

You can buy cheap workout videos and light weights at Target.  Its a great way to stay in shape.  There are many workout videos on YouTube, but its hard to find one that works.  Try this Jillian Michaels workout video and let me know what you think!  So far, its worked great for me.

Until next time…


Farewell Captain

Major league sports are a funny thing.  Players can only play so long before their bodies start to wear out or they simply become too old to play the game.  When there’s a group of players that play so well together it makes fans so happy.  But when they slowly start to retire, one by one, it breaks fans hearts.

The New York Yankees had a group of players called the Core Four.  The Core Four included Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, and Derek Jeter.  They were all in the minor leagues together and brought up by the Yankees so their entire careers were in New York… except when Pettitte went to Texas for a few years.  Every Yankees fan loved them and all the other teams feared them but also respected them.

CoreFour Continue reading

Ways to Stay Busy Post-College

ToDoListI don’t know about you, but when I was in college, I kept myself very busy.  Sometimes, I got stressed out because of everything that was on my plate, but I liked always having something to do.  Downtime is nice, but you cherish it more the less you have.

When you’re in college, there is always so much going on.  I had a job and an internship while I was a full time student.  My job and internship took up over 40 hours and I was in class another 15 hours PLUS studying.  And on top of all that, I tried to have a social life.  I was part of a business organization that took up some of my time, although not as much once I got so busy.  Other people may have been part of Greek life or played a sport.  There’s so many opportunities to keep yourself busy in college.

However, once you graduate the opportunities to stay busy begin to dwindle.

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Work vs. Vacation

Starting a new job can be exciting.  New tasks, new office, new coworkers – its a change that people are usually happy about.  After the new job feeling starts to wear off, your mindset may start to change.

At most jobs, employees accrue time off.  So for every hour, day, week, or even pay period they work, they earn some paid time off.  But the question is, when can you really start taking time off? Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars – the show that never ends

PLL AGot a secret, can you keep it?  I love Pretty Little Liars.  Its one of those shows that get you instantly hooked.  I’ve been watching since the first episode, and I just can’t stop.  Many of my friends used to watch it but stopped and only a handful of them still watch.  Pretty Little Liars is literally the show that never ends.

Last week was the summer premier.  The 4 liars just found their thought to be dead friend – Ali.  Ezra got shot by A and he’s the only one who knows who A is. We were left not knowing if he was going to live and whether or not the liars would have to continue the journey to find A.

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